Leather Gloves: Tips and Tricks

QINGFENG LI Posted on 2020-05-11 00:33:01 -0700

Talk about Working-gloves and Driving Gloves, leather gloves are the best choice (if it’s not the ONLY choice). The natural hide has a high tensile strength; it is reliable against heat clod and punctures. It keeps your hand warm in winter and cools in summer. You definitely need some pair of Leather Gloves if you have some work to do with your hands.

Now, it’s important to understand the material “leather”, they are not all the same even they are all called “Leather”. With the Tips from Vgo…  we’d like to share more about leather gloves.

Leather gloves can provide you with warmth and water protection as they are made from super soft genuine leather and have luxurious cashmere lining. They have a more natural feel and are usually more flexible than a synthetic glove, and they can withstand a moderate amount of moisture

Some Ideas for Looking After Leather Gloves:
1. Do not rub the gloves on sharp or rough objects
2. Do not place the gloves directly in the sun
3. Do not dry the gloves with a hairdryer

Gone are the days where synthetic winter gloves were the cheap and nasty option. These days, synthetic gloves are either made from tough Nylon or Polyester soft-shell exteriors and other similar materials that are treated with a water-resistant coating.

Cheaper synthetic gloves may use a less flexible polyester shell that may result in a very bulky glove that does not protect you that much from moisture, but they will still give you an adequate level of protection in mild winter conditions.

Overall, synthetic gloves can give you the highest levels of waterproofing, and the inside lining can deliver a good level of insulation and breathability. Some synthetic gloves are made with synthetic leather on the palm that gives you that much-needed grip and dexterity.


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